Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Green Smoothie Experience

      My wife and i started watching a documentary called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." i didn't want to watch because i figured watching one documentary like "Forks over knifes" would be enough gross torture to turn you organic. In other words you seen one, you have seen them all! But this documentary attracted me because the producer of the film says that he always worked hard to be able to provide for his family and worked in wallstreet and made a fortune. by the time he was able to workout and eat healthy he already was seeing 6 different doctors and taking 12 pills a day that included High Cholesterol pills. He even got this strange disease that with a simple hand shake he would get irritated palms that look and felt like mosquito bites. 
     the man got on a 60 days juicing diet where he did not eat anything but shakes that included fresh fruit and greens. I liked the documentary because it broke down all the information in cartoons so that i can even understand. 
So if you guys have a chance to watch it on netflix please do. 
     While thinking of my nutrition i realized that i was not eating enough greens. first of all the only way i can eat greens its if Lizzie makes me grilled asparagus or steamed broccoli. and since we are always on the run and sometimes work 11 hours a day we can hardly make a full balanced meals. my meal will always include chicken and brown rice but no veggies. So this past Sunday i embarked into a Green Smoothie Experiment. 
       I asked around with some clients and asked to see what the most important greens are and the top two that always came up were spinach and kale. i don't like the texture of either of them, the only greens i like in my salads is lettuce and they say that its not highly as nutritious as spinach.
i decided to put them in my protein shakes instead that way i don't have to chew them. 
So my diet is as follows:
Meal #1:    6am   6 egg white omelet/ 2 Ezequiel wheat toasts
Snack:       9:30   Green Protein Smoothie ( cup Kale, cup Spinach, protein powder)
Meal # 2:  1pm    6oz Flank Steak  1 cup brown rice
Snack:      4:30pm Green Protein Smoothie "same"
Meal #3:   8:30 pm   6 oz Chicken (by itself cuz I'm not usually hungry)

i normally try to follow this plan, but since this Sunday i lost 3lbs and i can honestly say that i owe it to the green smoothies. Its not a placebo effect, i feel more energized and my abdominal fat has gone down dramatically. 

The thing i regret the most is not been doing this earlier, i always tried to buy Micro Green powder or take pills to get all my greens. I cannot believe how lazy we have become that we try to find ways and shortcuts to not eat what we have to eat. If you guys have more ingredients and suggestions to my green shake please comment. i just tried to make the shake low carb and low in sugar because all the Green Shakes i have been finding online suggest pears, bananas, etc. i know that they are good for you but my metabolism is so slow that just by smelling bananas i get fat! lol. 

Thank you for reading my blog and i hope it can inspire you to add more greens in your diet! 

God Bless you and remember, "When we workout we are honoring God for the blessing of good health."
Shane Martinez

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